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Brush Country Mule Deer HuntsTrophy Whitetail Hunting

We're hunting some of the finest trophy whitetail ranches in South Texas. We manage and hunt nearly 40,000 low fenced acres of prime whitetail habitat with our Headquarters on the famous Briscoe Greenbranch Ranch in McMullen County. We've been intensively managing these ranches for 30+ years to maintain a trophy quality deer herd. In South Texas each year we kill a large number of bucks scoring 160-190+ Boone & Crockett points with spreads up to 27 inches wide. We harvest mature bucks only with near 100% success every year on Trophy Quality animals. On a normal day you'll see 10-25 bucks and it's not uncommon to see as many as 30 to 50 in a day. We feel fortunate to be hunting these fine ranches, and should you consider hunting with us, you'll be far more than satisfied. Due to the limited availability of these guided hunts you'll need to secure your hunting dates as early as possible. Call for available dates.

Hunt Costs

South Texas Trophy Hunts - Starting @ $4,000.00/Hunter
3-5 days depending on scheduling (Meals, Lodging, Guides, etc. included)




Season Leases

We take each ranch or pasture and set it up on a Trophy Management Program and then we match select groups of hunters to the specific program for that ranch or pasture. Ranch/pasture size will vary from 3,000 acres to over 10,000 acres. Through protein feeding year round and select culling, or goal is to get the Maximum Potential from the already Superior Genetics existing in our Trophy Quality Deer Herd. The pictures displayed on this site are evidence that we've been VERY Successful at doing this!! Hunters are easy to find, but good ones are hard to come by. We're always looking for the "right hunters" who are interested in treating the property as if it were their own and helping to improve the quality of the deer herd.

We're looking for hunters who are just as concerned about what they will harvest 5 years from now as what they will harvest in the up-coming season. Most leases are just as suitable for a corporate situation as they are for a group of individual hunters. Besides the excellent whitetail hunting, most of these leases offer excellent dove, quail, hog, and varmint hunting which is great for entertaining your business clients!

We also have several leases Specifically for Quail & Dove Hunting. These pastures have been highly improved by root plowing, and have buffel grass and brush strips to make excellent Dog Country. In good years, it's not unusual for a group of hunters to bust 40+ coveys per day. Most of the leases also have numerous stock tanks making for excellent dove hunting.

If you're looking for a real quality season lease and want to be part of a Management Team in a long term hunting venture, then we probably have what you're looking for.


Call for Lease availability and pricing

Hunting Ranches for Sale

After being involved in in the Hunting Industry for so many years, it was only natural to become involved in the sales of some of these Great Hunting Ranches that Texas has to offer. This eventually led to the start of STX Properties. We specialize in Hunting Ranches in South Texas, as well as other areas of Texas and the Coastal Plains. These ranches will range from small undeveloped tracts to large high fenced ranches with deluxe facilities. If you're in the market for a ranch of any size or degree of development, let us help you find what you're looking for. We're also involved in both residential and commercial sales in the Corpus Christi/Padre Island area.

Click on the link below to go to the Real Estate site. If you don't see what you're looking for at the site, give us a call and we'll find it for you!

Call or write for more information or to book a hunt:


  • commentI have hunted with Brush Country Outfitters four times and I have known it's owner Marty Brown for seven years. Going on my fifth hunt this year along with family. We have always harvested great bucks. Marty and his crew are truly wonderful people. Words can't say enough about how great they are and really try to show you a great time. You won't be disappointed.
    ~ Danny Lawrence, Blue Ridge, Georgia
  • commentI've hunted with Brush Country Outfitters since the 2012 season & have been extremely pleased with the numbers, ratios & quality of the deer herd. It's been exactly what I was told it would be. Marty Brown has been a man of his word & a pleasure to work with. Definitely the best value I have found in South Texas!
    ~ Herb Young, Canyon Lake, TX
  • commentMarty, it's been a real pleasure hunting with Brush Country Outfitters! What's it been now 17-18 years ! Your passion to grow big deer is what keeps us coming back!
    ~ Sincerely, Niznik Concrete Contractors
  • commentAlways good quail hunting even in down years. Not overgrazed or overhunted. Last two years have been very good, back to the good old days of the late 80's.
    ~ Sam Safir, San Antonio, TX
  • commentMy group of quail hunters has leased a pasture south of Fowlerton from Brush Country Outfitters for nearly 20 years. Marty Brown is our advocate with the land owner and has worked well with us. The quail population varies with the weather, but is generally as good or better than most other areas in Texas.
    ~ Palmer Moe


  • commentHunting on a season lease with Marty Brown of Brush Country Outfitters has been outstanding. I've hunted one of the South Texas pastures for 5 years. The quality of the game is second to none due to the intense management of the property, Marty truly has a passion and expertise for raising large South Texas deer.
    ~ Trey Garner
  • commentI have been hunting with Marty Brown and Brush Country Outfitters for many years and could not imagine going with any other outfitter. Mr. Brown's knowledge of the brush country and the quality of the bucks you will have the opportunity to harvest is second to none, especially for low fence ranches. If you want to experience South Texas hunting at its best, I highly recommend Brush Country Outfitters. You will not be disappointed.
    ~ Jeff Jansky, Taylor, TX
  • commentI've been in camp with my husband for two years & I hunted with Marty last season and harvested a beautiful buck. Marty was a great guide & very patient with me. Marty & his wife, Delaine, and entire crew are wonderful people, I can't say enough wonderful things about them!
    I'm very excited about our hunt this year and spending time with all of them.
    ~ Janice Lawrence
  • commentI have been hunting and fishing with Marty for 25 years. The quality of ranches he operates is first class. Selecting the right Hunters that abide by the trophy program keeps the quality of deer at superior levels. In 16 years we've managed to raise 17 deer on our 6,000 acre pasture that scored over 165, 9 over 170, 3 over 180 and 1 over 190. These are low-fence native whitetail which is a trophy hunters dream. We have already done the hard work, now we continue to maintain the herd and harvest the benefits.......
    The working relationship between pastures help insure a future of trophies that will suit anyone's man cave.
    ~ Rob Marek, Helena Chemical


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